I am this girl

I am this girl who is sweet and shy. I don’t speak much because I know it won’t make any difference. I smile looking at people and they think I have a same opinion as theirs but the truth is my opinion is far away different but I know they won’t be really interested in […]

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Valentine’s Day

Maybe you are not the most handsome guy that I have ever met. Maybe you don’t own a fancy bike to take me for a long ride. Maybe you don’t have a high bank balance to spend your money on me. Maybe you don’t know how to speak those cheesy lines and impress a girl. […]

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Promise day

We all make promises to our beloved ones. But do we make promises to ourselves? This promise day, promise yourself all the promises that you have promised others and then left disappointed. Promise to love yourself a little more everyday. Promise to be your own support system everyday. You don’t need anyone to console you, […]

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Dear love

Dear love, I know valentine’s day is near and you too like others want to confess your love to me. But today I am asking you to hold back. Today I am asking you to wait for me till I’m ready for this. I accept I have feelings for you, but please don’t make a […]

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My first book 😍😍

When one begins to go to school as a child, he starts learning the ABCs first, which ultimately make him able to read and write. Redefine Life treads the same path. It is the ABCs to learning great life lessons and has ways to unveil the secrets to a happy you! Life is summarised in […]

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