Love is a word that brings back memories to me. It flashes a familiar face in front of my eyes that I no longer see now. It makes me recall our old conversations because I don’t have anything new to replace them with.  Sometimes I just sit and think how beautiful it was when I […]

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Love stories

And once again they decided to give it another try. No matter how many times they failed they always had the courage to get up again and try it for one more time. “Nobody has a perfect relationship.” He said looking right into her eyes. “I do” she said smiling at him. “I hope you […]

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You will be running your hands down my neck and touching my forehead to check if I have fever and If my body temperature is high, but having found that its perfectly normal you say, ‘stop acting!’  you look for signs of illness like cough and cold and when you find none of these, you […]

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One sided love

In the era of swiping left and right, I chose one sided love. There are some people that you fall in love without even trying. You know, like you not even for one second think of the outcomes or the way she would react. You just fall for her not because she is beautiful but […]

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It’s been a long time that you have gone, but the void space in my heart still remains the same.  I have certainly stopped wanting you to come back, I have stopped imagining scenarios in which you would return one day, I have stopped comforting myself with lies that you never said but that empty […]

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“Have you ever been in love?” they asked “a lot of times “I replied. “A lot of times?” a voice came from the audience.  “Yes, a lot of times” I replied looking to the crowd and nodding my head. “I have fallen in love every day. We usually define our love to a person and […]

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